The Simplicity of Presence


This talk touches the heart of this training. This ancient form of dharma (no) practice is the essence of the DharmaMind Way. This training is about discovering that part of yourself that is never a part of your created mind of impermanence, but is that which is uncreated, permanent and ever present. Here you must find this ‘place’ and learn to trust and invite it into your daily life. By doing this you will surely let go of all that you dearly hold on to that you see diminishes your life and deprives you of your full potential. Learning to be just present is the gateway to this freedom.



Karen Piggin:

If you want a refresher for your practice then I would highly recommend this talk. Āloka returns to the fundamental nature and simplicity of the training, reminding us to “just be with yourself”, but indicates how easy it is to miss the doorway to freedom. For me, it is like there is something in my makeup determined not to let me be still or quiet. It is almost as though I am scared of what lies through the door. It certainly seems easier to stay in the world of interest, distractions, of what is known and understood. This training really seems to challenge my ability (and courage) to trust the unknown.

rob grant:

Just being present: the simplest thing in the world!” And yet, how challenging!

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