Stillness and its Profound Nature


For many in Buddhism stillness of mind is just a pre-requisite for insight practice. We too use stillness to cultivate insight, but by seeing there is more to stillness than just being empty of distractions, we discover who we really are beyond this self-delusion by awakening with ever growing clarity to our infinite true nature.



rob grant 

A clear and powerful statement of the central role of stillness both as the foundation for spiritual practice and the starting point for self-discovery.

Karen Piggin 

This is a wonderful, positive talk about the foundation of our training and how the term “blue sky” expresses openness, stillness, and no-thingness. It is really helpful in stopping the element of boredom sometimes present my meditation, and instead inspires me to seek silence and take refuge there. Āloka describes how stillness is the basis for dharmic self-reflection, and is the foundation from where we can start to see the truth of awareness, which is not boring! This stillness is the doorway to our true nature, our liberation, and even to the source of life itself. All the answers can be found within ourselves if we can learn to nurture the blue sky.

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