The Art of Doing Nothing


To be able to perceive a ‘practice of no practice’ takes a long time because it runs against all that you have come to understand in living your life.



Karen Piggin 

This talk is a helpful reminder of the five pillars and how we should always be revisiting and pondering them. Focussing initially on restlessness and the emotions, Āloka describes how these are the biggest obstacles to finding stillness and our true nature. Just hearing this encourages me to look harder at my life and try to find ways to bring more stillness to it. Āloka returns to the first pillar to review the training and how it is a practice of non-doing. Again this is a really useful reminder as we are so conditioned to want to action things and achieve, and we need to learn a new, completely opposite way to our conditioning. The fourth and fifth pillars are then interwoven, including the need to bring trust, humility and openness to the practice. Another superb talk from the Summer retreat, asking us to question ourselves about our continual drive and busyness and why we struggle to find inner contentment.


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