The Blue Sky and the Inconceivable Journey


It is easy for us to take moments of peace as being no more than that, but can you see that experience as a gateway that invites you to pass through it? An invitation that will take you on a journey into who you really are, and a journey to that part that is free from conditioned fear that is called your true nature. Precious jewels of transcendental knowledge that points to the astonishment and wonder of life itself awaits, if only you have the courage to make that journey.




Karen Piggin 

I think this is one of the most outstanding talks so far in this collection. Āloka starts with such a simple idea – peace and quiet – and takes us to the inconceivable. Once again stillness is the key, and we use meditation to set up conditions so that the blue sky can be discovered. Through training we can discover this doorway and be at the threshold of starting our journey. But it is easier to then stay with what we know, where we are safe and secure, rather than step into the unknown. If we truly want to change then we need to have the trust and courage to open to the unknown. We have to be prepared to let go, be vulnerable; we cannot stay in control and expect to find liberation. We have to bear with the emotional and physical intensity of our experiences until they go into change, and eventually burn themselves out. I often find myself the victim of negative feelings, of feeling low or helpless. This talk is a wonderful lift to the spirit.

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