The Environment of Change


Authentic change seldom takes place during times of bliss and happiness. Change takes place when we are prepared to not give in to our ingrained habits, and bear with the emotional consequences that invariably accompany such acts of ‘non-doing’.



Jonathan O’Donovan 

This talk reminded me that when we are still we are so close to our true nature and that this ‘environment’ is where change takes place and genuine insight happens, rather than in the higher absorbtions that some practicioners persue

Karen Piggin 

Āloka reminds us how the training, through discovering that place of stillness, gives us the potential for change. By willingly looking at our “stuff” – the manifestations of our insecurities – we can begin to get to know ourselves, the good and bad bits. Āloka describes this very personal, intimate and emotional journey, and how this fantastic adventure can lead to discovering our true human qualities and identity. The Q&A is really helpful in linking to the Four Noble Truths – how we create our own prison, see ourselves as the victim, blame others, but by owning these creations we can turn things around and find the way out of suffering.

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