The Jewel of Awareness


Dharma training can so easily become complicated and even confusing. Yet the key and centre focus is always to do with the simplicity of awareness. All forms of Buddhist training are paths that lead back to simple naked present awareness. It is then from this position that you begin to observe and wake up to yourself, and make decisions to let go of attachments to discover your natural stillness and freedom from suffering. We need to remind ourselves over and over that this is the simple basic truth of all dharma training.




Karen Piggin:

This talk reminds me of the line in our morning puja “and throughout this day sustain mindful awareness”. Can I endeavour to stay aware, be present with what I am doing through the whole day? It is not easy, and I find I am constantly getting lost in the temptations and distractions that occur. But, when it can be sustained for a short time, for me it is like discovering a new sense. An incredible new way of looking at my involvement in situations and the world. So, we are encouraged to use all opportunities to practice retaining awareness, walking meditation, or any of the four postures, so that it becomes familiar. The message I take from this talk is that our practice is not to do anything about the situation I am in, but just to know it…and to start to get to know and understand myself.

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