The Practice of No Practice

It is easy to imagine dharma practice to be similar to all other everyday endeavours – but this is not the case. Dharma training is profoundly different and very subtle.



Karen Piggin

A fabulous talk. Āloka explains the concepts from his new book “Blue Sky, White Cloud” – how the training can lead us to awareness, that place of stillness within us (the blue sky), and the penetrating insight (white cloud) that can then occur to let us see what we are doing to ourselves and how the self-identity is continually reinforced. We are encouraged to nuture and become familiar with this stillness, through regular practice and retreats, but also not to get disillusioned when old habits return. Āloka describes how the wordly concept of a path can be misunderstood, and that it is in fact through coming back over and over that change can take place. Our Dharma practice gives us a place of refuge, and with patience and commitment it will begin to shine; this message is really inspiring.

richard hegarty

These teachings have really help me in my life……

Tom Prior 

This is an amazing talk. My life has gone through a lot of changes over the last while in that I have gotten married, moved house and starting new job. With everything that has been going on, I have lost focus on listening to Aloka’s wonderful Dharma teachings. This video has been the perfect video to serve as a refresher to me on the Dharma and the practise of the DharmaMind group. It has encouraged me to bring renewed energy to my practise. I love the simplicity of the practise yet along with that simplicity comes profound change if the practise is taken on with commitment and the right attitude. I’m hoping that watching this talk will be the start of watching many more.

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