The Tools of Transformation


Buddhism offers us many tools for insightful contemplation (usually based on tradition) to use in our quest for transforming wisdom. Our type of training offers a free and open chest of insightful treasures in that ongoing quest.



Karen Piggin 

There is a huge amount to take in from this talk. Āloka unpacks insight from the five pillars and clarifies how we can apply the concept of blue sky white cloud to further our understanding and training. The difficult aspect to face of course is myself, and Āloka emphasises this as the first rule “always look inwards”. From a basis of stillness we can start to question everything we have taken as real and solid – our world, our feelings, and all the elements that make up me. Unpicking and getting to know ourselves can eventually lead to a growing understanding of our ignorance and delusion, our sense of separation, and why we feel lonely and fearful. The uplifting conclusion is that through our training we can do something about it. I find Āloka’s statement “if I am the creator of my suffering, then I can uncreate it” one of the most powerful messages.

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