Trusting Silence



I believe the teachings that are on offer to this group will be all you need to find authentic liberation. At the heart of the teachings is the need to discover the stillness and silence that lives in us all through skilful meditation. This newly cultivated experience brings the discovery of who you really are just beyond the turmoil of your created samsara. Learning to trust this expansive space becomes a true taste of your commitment as you make yourself open and vulnerable. But to learn to trust stillness evermore willingly is to open the door to your full potential and your complete and full liberation.




Karen Piggin:

How tempting it is to give into restlessness and look to make this practice more complicated. Āloka stresses the need to resist these habits, to find the space and not look to fill it with dualistic concepts. He reminds us of the simplicity of the Dharma and that this is a journey that does not go anywhere. I found the idea of treating every day of practice as day 1 very helpful, together with the image of polishing/going around continually with the hope of finding more clarity and understanding. By always returning we can build familiarity, trust, and truly find the heart of the training.

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