Waking Up


Our experience of the unsatisfactoriness of life is simply because we are seldom aware in this moment to what we are engaged with. Learning to wake up to this truth is what dharma training teaches us.



Jonathan O’Donovan 

I like this talk because it really shows that we have to ‘own’ all our ‘stuff” if we are to be free.

Karen Piggin 

This is an inspiring talk that refreshes and refocusses your practice. Starting with the typical problems of discontentment, being lost in thought, and feeling like a victim, Āloka describes how our potential is diminished by not waking up to this incessant agitation. The answer is simple, but difficult to achieve, but we are encouraged to be present, to find stillness and simplicity, and commit to meditation and the training. We are reminded of the importance of using the retreat environment as fully as possible, that this life is a privilege, and that we have the opportunity to change our lives and our world.


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