A. After starting meditation, concentration will naturally take time to strengthen. Therefore, being more dualistic with our contemplation when concentration is at its weakest (though present to a good degree) will be our starting point. As concentration strengthens, we will then be able to fulfil the sutra’s teaching of being at one with our chosen subject. It is also useful to remember that a skilful means is to arouse your insightful understanding from previous meditations and bring it to bear in the present contemplation. This should aid the development of concentration markedly. From my experience maintaining awareness is hardly ever a passive engagement. Rather it is one that continually needs ‘pumping up’ through either returning briefly to your samatha practice and/or deliberately surrendering to the insightful knowledge that is present.

The three signs of being are just that, signs or characteristics of any dharma and not the Dharma itself. Contemplate whichever one attracts you, as they all lead to the undermining of the notion of a separate solid self. They also support each other to the extent that they are mutually inclusive, and when looked at closely are seen as one.

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