Complete Teachings Q&A – Session 1



After 4 talks that focused on the main features of the DharmaMind practice, the students of the group now have the opportunity with this session the opportunity to clarify aspects of the training through the first of 2 question and answer periods – For example: What are the tools we use for developing insight? How do I let go of insight? Are dreams significant on the path?


Karen Piggin:

Very useful questions and answers, giving further clarity around the training. Highlights for me are (1) more detail on the insight tools, applying them in walking meditation, and how they can help to open to our true nature; (2) the need to continually let go, including letting go of any insights that arise. How we can use such insights as inspiration; (3) a reminder of the simplicity of this training, and how important it is not to get diverted from our commitment.

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