Feb 2018: Announcement about merger of DharmaMind and Open Heart sanghas. See here.

Welcome to the DharmaMind Buddhist Group Website

Untitled-2We are a non-sectarian western Mahayana Buddhist group and could be described as having a close resemblance to the Chan/Zen style of practice. Our students come from all over the UK and Ireland, and where possible come together to practice on a weekly basis with their local group. Beyond the local meetings we also meet regularly to hold retreats in various centres throughout the year. Our main central meetings are held monthly in Birmingham.

We are probably a unique independent western Buddhist group in that our training form and meditation follow accurately the traditional structure of far eastern Buddhism. It is common for western groups who have no affiliation or obligations to eastern schools or traditions to add or subtract elements of established training in order to create their own identity, or in the conviction that westerners somehow need to train differently. Our group acknowledges that the traditional way has worked and proved itself for centuries, and therefore has an “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” attitude in its relationship to the dharma. What we don’t carry is the cultural baggage that has inevitably grown down the years around other traditions, and which has established their physical and spiritual identity. Please look around our website for more understanding about who we are and for information about our teacher of 40 years dharma training, Āloka David Smith. Below is a brief description of each section found on this website. When viewed collectively they should clearly reveal our identity and commitment to practicing the Buddha-dharma.

Practice – Practices of the DharmaMind Group. Covers the teachings from basic breath-based meditation to the more esoteric aspects of awakening.

Teacher – Find out more about the DharmaMind teacher, Āloka David Smith.

Masters – Short teachings by some of the great masters from other traditions that mirror the practice and aspiration of the DharmaMind group’s way of training.

Group – Find out more about the sangha, photos and information that creates a picture of who we are and what we have to offer.

Retreat – Details of upcoming residential and non-residential retreats, booking forms. Local group locations and directions.

Media – Find out about Āloka’s books, ebooks, CDs, DVDs as well as many of Āloka’s talks in MP3 format for download or streaming. Also in this section the very latest Podcast and Video teachings. Except for the books, all these are dana offerings for those interested in our way of training or the simply curious.

Q&A Vault – Read through the extensive archive of useful answers to useful questions on dharma practice sent by dharma practitioners from all traditions.