The Q&A Dharma Vault

“good answers to good questions”

Over several years in the noughties dharma students from all traditions both modern and traditional sent questions on dharma practice to this forum. This soon became a rich source of reference to those eager to settle difficult to understand issues surrounding their training of buddha-dharma. No matter what tradition or practice you follow there are always questions on training that unite us all, so I hope you will find one or more of the answers to these persistent enquiries found in these archives useful for your own training. It should be noted that there are references to the concept ‘pure awareness’ in some of the questions and answers. This concept has now given way in the rest of the website teachings to the deeper and more meaningful traditional Chinese concept ‘silent illumination’. Both concepts nevertheless point to the same unconditioned eternally liberated mind. The questions are not presented in any particular order but rather posted as they were submitted.

All of the Q&As in the archives, plus several more, are systematically presented in paperback and ebook format in the book  ‘A Question of Dharma‘.