Birmingham, UK

Teacher: Jonathan O’Donovan

Tibetan Heart Yoga is a series of meditative yogic practices that make use of sound (mantra), visualisation, breathing techniques (pranayama) and seals (mudra) etc. in order to purify the subconscious conditioning which obscures the perfectly open and loving nature of our own mind. Participants of the course will also be instructed in Dzogchen Atiyoga, or resting in spacious awareness.


Time: Sat-Sun 2nd – 3rd of June 2018

Sat: 9am – 3pm

Sun: 9am – 3pm

Fee: £100-200  on a sliding scale for employed and retired, 80 pounds for unemployed and students. If you cannot afford these fees, negotiate for a lowered fee. For those sangha members who have already received the empowerment, the fee is reduced to £50.

Register through email Tom McKendrick, . Please make the email look like this.