Retreat Talks on Video

Introducing the DharmaMind Group
Interview with  (find edited transcription here)
A Pilgrimage to India 2012
DharmaMind Calligraphy
China Dharma Talk
Pilgrimage to China 2014
Cultivation of Detachment in Chan – Prof. Mario Poceski
Buddha at the Gas Pump interview
The Future of the Group (password protected)
London Buddhist Society Talk April 2015

Birmingham Day Retreats

Breaking out of Your Conditioned Bubble
Silent-Illumination Unpacked
Taming the Noise
The Unifying Principle of Buddhism
The Great Adventure
Finding Joy within Practice
Preparing for a Retreat
Liberation in the Mundane
Embracing Life with Courage
The Simplicity of Presence
The Fine Details of Commitment
Keep Yourself Centred
The Fear of Self-Consciousness
The Endless Flow of Thoughts
Own Your Samsara
Samadhi in Action
The Medicine for Fear and Suffering
A Glimpse of the Bodhisattva
The Secret of Awakening
The Danger of Wilful Practice
Body, Mind and Practice
Dharma Practice will Change Your Life
The Third Option
Awareness – Gateway to the Deathless
Don’t Give Up
The Practice of No Practice

Cotswold New Year Retreats

The Principles of the Spiritual Path 1
The Principles of the Spiritual Path 2
The Principles of the Spiritual Path 3
Questions on Spiritual Practice 1
Questions on Spiritual Practice 2

The Need for Inspiration
The importance of Pondering
Shunyata in Daily Life
Dancing with the Dharma – Michael Hogan

Making Life Positive
Breaking Through the Darkness
The Jewel of Awareness
Time For Renewal
Dharma Offers More Than Just Happiness
Questions and Answers

Waking Up
Making Friends with the Devil
Environment of Change

Snowdonia Summer Retreats

Complete Teachings – Talk 1
Complete Teachings – Talk 2
Complete Teachings – Talk 3
Complete Teachings – Talk 4
Q&A – Session 1
Q&A – Session 2

The Meaning of ‘Refuge’
Trusting Silence
The Restlessness of Mind
Boundless Body, Boundless Treasures

Instructions on Formless Meditation
The Art of Doing Nothing
The Tools of Transformation
Stillness and its Profound Nature
The Spiritual Journey
End of Retreat Q&A Session

Springhill Farm Easter Retreats

The Fear of Letting Go (Pt.1)
The Fear of Letting Go (Pt.2)
The Fear of Letting Go (Pt.3)

My World and the Barking Dog
How to Learn to Like Yourself
The “White Cloud” of Transformation

Anybodys Barn Autumn Retreats

The Myth of Death
Beyond Death – The Eternal Flow

The Blue Sky and the Inconceivable Journey
Empowering Yourself